American Water Polo


BRIDGEPORT, Pa. -- American Water Polo spoke with head coach Stefano Mattesini of AWP's newest
member PAC Water Polo located in San Diego.  PAC Water polo took advantage of American Water Polo's
yearly free membership promotion that runs from October to the end of December. New clubs that have
never been a member of American Water Polo receive a full year of membership for its athletes, plus
AWP's member reward free of charge. 

Tell me about your team and where the PAC name comes from?

"Bay Club PAC Water Polo is a small club created by me two years ago with about 30 athletes of ages
between 7 and 14. We currently have three coaches, myself included, one per team, 14s, 12s and 10s.
PAC, comes from the name of our facility, Pacific Athletic Club. We just recently changed the name to Bay
Club Carmel Valley. But decided to keep our original name for the club."

 What's are your goals for the club?

"Our focus and goal for the club is to develop a unique water polo program that will give each player the
necessary knowledge and skills, in and out of the water, to bring their game to more advance levels.

How did you hear about American Water Polo?

"I have found out about American Water Polo doing research on the Internet."

What does having a year of free membership mean to you and your kids?

"Our athletes have to be Bay Club Carmel Valley members plus they pay an additional fee to play with
our club program.  Those cost add up, so having a year of free membership has been a great help!
It has allowed some families who couldn't keep up with our fees to play.

What is your favorite aspect about coaching?

"My favorite aspect about coaching is not only to teach them a sport but mostly to teach them how to be
happy and successful. Teach them how to be a good friend and teammate. Show our athletes how to be
confident. I feel like I have an important influence on my players. Some of them will remember what I do
and what I tell them for the rest of their lives. I will never forget my playing experiences and things that
my coach told me. So I want to have the same type of positive influence on my players"

How can American Water Polo help grow the sport more effectively in your area

" I think American Water Polo is already doing a great job with the growth of this sport in my area.
I was surprised to see how many tournaments, leagues and events are in San Diego area. It would be
nice to start an adult league. I would love to get back in the water.