American Water Polo

Tip of the Week with Brad Schumacher & Wolf Wigo Rewind: Ball Dribble

BRIDGEPORT, Pa. -- Kap7 co-founders Brad Schumacher and Wolf Wigo, in association with American
Water Polo, present the next Tip of the Week. This week's video features instruction on a ball dribble exercise.

The series was filmed at Villanova University by the league's Multimedia Department and highlights critical
skills that are important for beginner to advanced water polo players.

Part of American Water Polo's continuing drive to supply pertinent skill information to the league's membership
and the water polo community at large, the drills and skills demonstrated in each of the Tip of the Week videos
are designed to aid players improve their games and grow the sport.


Ball Dribble Exercise, TIP OF THE WEEK


Philly Select Water Polo | National State Challenge (2014).