Valley Water Polo League

Founded by Shane Mahoney in 2013 with the intent of increasing the level of masters water polo competition in the area, the mission is to see water polo grow on all levels, emphasizing the highest principles of sportsmanship, ethics & fair competition.


Who: Male High School Seniors and Above (2013 High Graduates to Elite Masters)

When: May 15-August 10, 2013

Where: Stockton and Lodi CA

Cost: Dependent upon sign-up date
-- Early registration for AWP Members - $120*
-- Early registration w/o AWP Membership - $150*
-- Late registration for AWP Members - $160*
-- Late registration w/o AWP Membership - $175* 
* Includes Kap7 Turbo Towel 

Contact: Shane Mahoney, (209)712-7455,

Rules: Fina Rules 7-minute quarters and 1-minute rest between quarters, 2 minutes between halves

Timeouts: 2, 1-minute and 1, 20 second TO

Overtime: Shoot-Out

Standings: 3 pts for win in regulation, 2 pts for win in shoot-out, 1 pt. for loss in shoot-out, 0 pts loss

Format: Four team format including a championship