Midwest High School Fall League

League History

Created by Ed Prystalski in 2010 to provide year-round competition, the intent was to raise the level of play. The league has been successful in this regard, with seven of the top eight teams in the state participating last year. Originally fielding 14 teams, the league has grown to 24 with future expansion expected.

Who: High school athletes
When: September 12th through November 18
Cost: $TBD
Contact: Water Polo office: Damon Newman or Dan Sharadin office@americanwaterpolo.org  610 277 6787
Rules: IHSA
Time: Six-minute quarters Timeouts: One, one-minute time out per half
Overtime: None Standings: 2 pts win 0 for a loss

Host Responsibility: Submit scores by the Wednesday following the games